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When you sign up for The Treasure Table, every month you will receive a themed box of carefully selected products and original content to enhance your play at the table whether you are using a module or homebrewing  a whole new world, our content can be used as adventures in your world or as their own entities and the products that come with it will only increase the tools you have available to you


August Theme: Masters of the Arcane

Have you ever questioned where magic comes from? Who created it? How do I harness it? Unfortunately these are questions of mortals held down by their amaturish studies of the arcane arts. Few of them have managed to raise themselves to god status by harnessing what is all around them, what the masters know as 'the weave'. 

It is your turn now mortal, to listen close and listen carefully. Every inch of air crackles with arcane energy, you just need to learn how to use it. Are you ready? This month you will receive the Masters of the Arcane adventure module which will take your party of adventurers through three+ character levels on a quest about those who have mastered magic and hopefully how you can too. Enjoy ready for you prepared encounters, read aloud texts, npcs, items, and DM suggestions for each step of the way! We account for 95% of what your players will do and what you will need. 

Along with your adventure you will also receive the Tome of Defensive Arcana by Edadolius Supplement. Edadolius was an archmage during his life and did much to further the studies of the arcane for wizards everywhere. In this tome your players may learn how to create wards with various features such as wards that cause massive illusions to be seen where it's planted. The tome will also go into animating objects and the effects you can have. 

Included inside only is the Hall of Heroes: Volume 2. This addition includes four pre-made characters with custom back stories and well though out personality. Your players will love them as they play rich quality characters, or be filled with wonder as you add them into your story however you see fit.

Lastly for content you will receive a side quest in the form of a wanted poster. A physical prop you may hand out as well as inspiration and direction for when your party goes off the rails or if you don't have a session planned. 

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