Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Treasure Table?

The Treasure Table is a monthly box of imagination and possibility for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. The box is designed to be filled to the brim with useful items for a D&D game master to utilize at their table.

Why is this the 'Game Masters Edition'?

The game masters edition is a box focused around being the Dungeon Master in a campaign. We have an Adventurer edition that will be for the players at the table, but felt it best to focus on one and then expand in the future based on interest.

What goodies can I expect every month?

I'm glad you asked! There will be a standard every month we will adhere to and that standard is a theme. Each theme will contain: Dice, Minis, Tshirt, Pin, Adventure, Supplement, NPC's/Pre-Mades, plus possible miscellaneous goodies.

Will every month be a mystery?

We've decided not to take the approach that the customer gets a monthly mystery box of things they may or may not use. Everything is designed to be useful and not simply a desk bauble that eventually ends in a storage room. Each month, you will know what you are getting before you are charged and will be able to opt out of that month if so desired.

Can I get an example of what a month would look like?

Sure! We've planned out many months in advance for this so here is an example. Box Theme: Black Sails on Black Seas (Pirates!) comes with skull and cross bone dice, three minis (Pirate Captain, Second in Command, looter), a pirate themed tshirt, a pirate adventure spanning three character levels, Naval Ships supplement covering naval combat and boats/ships that can be built or bought as well as stats for each ship, and of course, a few related npc's/premades so you can play right out of the box.

Why should I get this over another RPG Sub Box?

Most Subscription Boxes come with things you don't really care for. I know because I've gotten a lot of them. The treasure table has more value at a lower cost while being designed to provide things you will use. An adventure to play, dice to roll, tshirt to wear, miniatures to use, supplements for the adventure or for your homebrew. All of this at the same price or lower than our competitors.

Interesting point, what is the value then?

The value will vary from box to box but estimating conservatively each box will have a value of $65-$80! Now that's a crit!

Wait... do you ship internationally?

We do indeed ship internationally!

Are you ready to subscribe to the Treasure Table?

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