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Love Is In The Air

Temple of the Bleeding Heart

Strolling along the roads on a particularly peaceful night as a strange light shoots across the sky. Make a wish! Wait... why is it getting bigger?! A comet shoots into the ground in the nearby forest, this isn't a rock... this is a 12 foot tall humanoid with wings. Join us on a story of love, revenge, and mystery as we discover what petty squabbles the gods are going through and what they have in store for us. Recommended for four players at level 3 and will take them to level 6.

Backgrounds and Brothels

Enjoy four new backgrounds to grace your characters including, Lady/Man of the Night, Star Crossed Lover,  Poet, and Guild Artisan: Match Makers. As well as three brothels detailed out with their own loot, quests, intrigue, and encounters/events. As well as a Brothel Generator for any occasion.

Ready Made Characters

Right out of the box you and your players are prepared to dive into our adventure with Izer Stuz, this suave young man considers himself a master poet and is out seeking the pleasures of the world and tales of adventure to sweep the targets of his affection off their feet. Eldea Valora, the elvish woman wise beyond her years. She has both witnessed and created love and heartbreak and believes in lofty ideas of love that follow strict codes of conduct just as the Match Makers taught her. Sabis the halfling male is moving on from his downtrodden past of working the streets to make his living. He's learned some skills along the way but he's trying to make a better life for himself. Sivet Longfall is a young male dwarf who knew there was someone waiting for him from an early age. Blessed with a vision of divine love that he would one day enjoy, Sivet has been journeying ever since to find his star crossed lover.

Love Letter Quest

This physical letter is filled with sweet words to the character that caught their eye. Detailed on it are options for who wrote this letter, how it was delivered, and what it means. Will your player have to spur the feelings of a lonely low born or are they invited to a masquerade in the royal castle, or is this all a trap to lure the player in and steal their fortunes? You decide.


Four adorable and Mischevious Cherubs to enhance your table play! Watch out for stray arrows!


This months depicts a common misconception that players face against their Dungeon Master. "What do you mean I can't seduce the Dragon?"

Winters Reach

Winters Reach Adventure

Rumor has it in the northern most point of the region lies a village sculpted out of ice and sustained by magic. The occupants of Winters Reach created this life where no life has thrived before. What knowledge could these great masters of the arcane reveal? What great secrets are the creators hiding? Join us on this deadly survival adventure to uncover the truth of the rumors.

Survive and Thrive Supplement

In Survive and Thrive you will be given tables, tables and more tables! Enjoy random survival encounters as well as all the tools and rulings you would need for a multitude of survival situations. Discover what new and interesting spins you can put on survival with this adventurous supplement!

Ready Made Characters

The journey to Winters Reach is treacherous, get packing and prepare yourself for the long trek ahead but don't forget to take Jennas Light-bringer of the light bringer order who, after hearing these rumors, believes the village to be blessed by her god. Looking to build a temple in the village to properly worship this divine miracle she is accompanied by Artran the halfling arcane trickster looking for his big score among a village that to him can only be sustained by great and powerful items. Along the travel they meet a peculiar and studious elf, Erlan Faecyne, a wizard looking to uncover what arcane knowledge this village can grant him and Bara Warsorrow the human druid who was sent by the Warsorrow circle to investigate the truth of Winters Reach, a village sustaining life where life hasn't thrived for thousands of years. 

Icy Dice Set

Discovered in the frozen tundra, dice made out of pure ice. What magic allows it to be warm to the touch? It's not even melting when I put it near the fire! Oh... wait... it's not actually ice. Still cool though.


This month you are graced with the prescence of Faunalyn Iarlana an elvish druid and her Yeti companion Bukesh.


Enjoy this chilling theme depicting the Icy village of Winters Reach! +5 to Constitution Saving Throws involving cold weather!

Black Sails on Black Seas

Black Sails on Black Seas Adventure

The sweet scent of the salty sea as the cool breeze rolls in. Yes, with shrouds in one hand and a bottle of rum in the other, the pirate life is surely the life for me. With a band of merry sea goers and our trusty Captain Jesse Stains, nothing can go awry. Until our captain gets wind of Willis 'No-Tongue' Smither's lost treasure and it's whereabouts.

The Pirates Guide to Sailing

Take to the high seas with ten fully statted boats/ships each with their own costs, crew sizes, movements, sizes, actions, abilities, and more! Enjoy a flushed out combat system that finally tackles naval combat, both on and with the boat! As well as encounter tables and events!

Two Pirate D-6's

As you spend the night with cups and dice do take care of your gambling problem.

Ready Made Characters

Take sail with confidence in your crew when accompanied by Salfan the gnome sailor who has lost more than a few of his marbles through unfortunate mishaps leaving him isolated on an island for many years. Jaime the rogue stow away in disguise as a new crew mate with a mysterious past, what is he running from and why has the crown put a hefty bounty on his head? Among the new crew you meet Thurrom 'The Drunk' a Dwarf Barbarian who judges others on their strength and ability to hold their drink and Ashi the human Sorceress orphaned by war is here to wreak havoc on anyone aligned with the nation responsible for her parents death.


Sailing the high seas would not be complete without Captain Jesse Stains, second in command Lucia 'Black Eyes' Blade and generic crew member who cares way too much about treasure Webb 'Loot Hoarder' Grim


Show the pedestrians you walk by on the daily that you mean business and will loot and plunder their pockets if they as so much look at you the wrong way. *Sunday Night Gamers are not responsible for any looting or plundering that happens while wearing this shirt*

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